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Does Your Business Really Need A Website?

You or your business have probably already weighed the benefits of having a web site, but here are a few that could be crucial to your bottom line!

Convenience is everything! ...

Whether you are seeking to keep your present customer base informed or you are trying to reach new customers, a website has become as necessary as a business card! By providing your web site address in all your advertising materials, potential customers can view your business information, promotions, products or services at their convenience 24 hours a day - 7 days a week.

Web Site Tip
Displaying your web site address in all your advertising materials can actually save your money! You save because your web site can contain the bulk of your message, thereby reducing the need for extensive content space in your alternative advertising materials.

Online Information  

Not only can you showcase your products or services on your website, you can also display information, promotions and sales at the click of a mouse so you will always be in touch with your customers! We can add an area on your site in which you can add special offers, promotions, etc. through a simple browser interface. Many website developers do not offer this option, in which case you pay someone else to add or remove frequently updated information or announce special promotions or offers! This can become costly, especially if you have information that requires frequent updates. We create sites that offer your business some control over it's own web site!

Don't be left behind!

Regardless of the size and scope of your business, you're probably fully aware that a web presence has become a necessary business element or you probably wouldn't be reading this. The Internet is a fantastic way to keep the customers you have informed and is vital to reaching potential customers of the future! We are committed to creating high quality websites at a reasonable price! Contact us today!


1/16 Yellow Page AD Do you already pay for a yellow pages print ad? In most metropolitan areas, it costs about $250 a month for a tiny ad (see right); that's $3,000 a year just for local coverage. Compare that to what you'd pay for a Website for local, national - even global coverage.

If you already have an ad in your local yellow pages for your business, a website is the perfect advertising compliment. Your Website gives you as many full pages as you wish. If you're a business person, it's pretty easy to see the value of having your own website, and remember ... it's also tax deductible.

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