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Choosing A Web Designer

What Information Should You Have?
We are keenly aware that this process can be very intimidating for people who may be unfamiliar with the process of creating a website. While it is not necessary to understand computers or be knowledgeable about the Internet in order to have a website, there are some basics that you might want to know regarding web design. This can not only help you choose an effective web designer, but help you know what questions to ask the designer you choose.

Choosing A Web Designer
Web Design is a complex topic, but knowing the style, habits and knowledge-base of the designer you choose is a good step to ensuring great website results! Here are a few questions to ask the designer you are considering:

  1. Does the designer rely completely on an HTML Editor for his/her web work?
    An HTML editor can be a useful tool in website design but their use is limited. Choosing a designer who is highly proficient in custom HTML applications will ensure you that the designer is capable of producing a high quality website.

  2. Does the designer optimize the web graphics used on your site
    Graphics (images) on your website can give the site style and flair and can also be informative. However, graphics in raw form can also be massive in file size and can cause your page to load extremely slow. A slow-loading page alienates visitors. Most will simply move on to another website. ALL images used on your site should be optimized to ensure a quick loading site.

  3. Does the designer test your site using BOTH Mozilla Firefox and Microsoft Internet Explorer?
    All browsers are NOT alike. Your website may look fantastic when viewed with Explorer but look like dog-doo when viewed with Firefox (or vice-versa)! Firefox and Internet Explorer are the two most popular browsers on the web today. Choose a designer that tests your site for compatibility with BOTH browsers.

  4. Please change your clothes before viewing this website!
    What do you suppose your response would be if you came upon a website that made such a request!? It may come as a surprise, but many web designers ask visitors to do just that! Asking visitors to change their screen resolutions, download plug-ins, change their font sizes, etc., to view a website is not only ridiculous but it's just plain BAD WEB ETIQUETTE! Need I say more? Be assured that a website making unreasonable demands on it's visitors will be left in the dust! Choose a designer that creates pages that are viewer friendly!

Pages with Personality! The WebPager offers your business or organization a cost effective and quality solution for establishing a presence on the World Wide Web. We offer quality web page services for businesses, organizations and home offices at incredibly competitive rates. Why pay more?

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