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Frequently Asked Questions

How much do you charge?

This is by far the most common question we receive and unfortunately it is also the hardest to answer. We offer such a wide range of services and every job is very different. If you'd like to contact us with specifics, we can give you an estimate.

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Besides the actual design and development costs, what other costs are associated with having a web site?

You will need to register a domain name through Internic (we can handle this for you if you choose). The cost for having a domain name ranges from $20 to $70 for the first 2 years to $20 to $35 each year thereafter, depending on what registrar you choose. Hosting costs are also associated with having a web site and can vary from $15 per month to $39 per month depending on the disk space needed, features offered, etc. Most web site hosts charge between $20 to $39 per month, plus a one time set-up fee ranging from $40 to $60. (see our web hosting options) Both domain name registration and web hosting costs reflect required costs unrelated to the design of your site and are required regardless of who designs your web site.

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How long will it take to complete our web site?

That depends on the complexity and layout of the website. Website completion can take as little as a week to as long as 3 weeks. The average time frame is about a week

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How will people find our web site once we are online?

When all the work is done, we will submit your site with major Internet search engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo, ect.) to help others find you. You should also include your web site address in all your advertising sources, materials, business cards, etc.

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Will our business have the option to add or remove information on our website?

If you choose to do so, we can "tag" specific areas on your website in which you can change and update information using a simple browser interface. This is especially useful for those who have content that requires updating weekly, and is also an easy way to display schedules, menus, etc. Many website developers do not offer this option. You will need to request these updatable areas to be included on your website at the time we begin developing your site.

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